Author Alexandra Stoffel

Alexandra Stoffel is a 22 year-old living in her hometown of Sacramento, California. Paralyzed due to a rare spinal cancer at the age of six, she has been a wheelchair user ever since. Alexandra strives to open up dialogue about the different systems of oppression that affect people with disabilities in an effort to eradicate those injustices. She has a passion for working with people from all over the world, specifically those with disabilities. Alexandra recently graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies from Seattle University and hopes to attend graduate school to obtain a Master’s Degree in Global Communication. After graduate school, she plans to research the experiences of people with disabilities in different parts of the world, opening up cross-cultural communication.

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Why Should I Feel Shame or Guilt when Asking for My Wheelchair to be Accommodated?

This world is not fully accessible to me. However, that should not impede me from trying to participate fully in life. So what can be done about this guilt? I am trying to make it a daily practice, to ask for the things I need and reasoning with myself why it is necessary and why I should not feel bad about it. I should not feel bad about asking to use one of the three accessible spaces in a bar so that I can hang out with my friends on the same level. An inaccessible space is not something that I created; I am merely trying to exist in it the best way that I can.