Author Kelly Narowski

Kelly Narowski is a professional speaker, disability rights advocate and graduate student. Her primary speaking experience is in safety, having delivered safety presentations to over 300,000 service members as a government contractor, but her goal is to transition to the disability element of diversity training. Her website is Having served as the liaison for the 82d Airborne’s Wounded Warriors Committee, board member of Kansas City’s Center for Independent Living, and various other memberships in disability advocacy and outreach organizations, Kelly has vast experience as a disability rights advocate. She holds a BS in Health and Exercise Science and General Psychology from Missouri Western State University. In December 2017, she will graduate with her MA in Disability Studies from CUNY’s School of Professional Studies, with an emphasis in law and policy. Kelly is certified by the University of Missouri as an ADA Coordinator and by the University of Pennsylvania as a Master Resilience Trainer. As the spouse of an active duty Army officer, Kelly moves frequently and currently lives in Stuttgart, Germany where her husband is assigned for 3 years. During her lifetime, she has traveled to 35 countries on 4 continents. (By June 2018, that number will be 43 on 5 continents). Besides travel, she enjoys photography, reading nonfiction and spending time with her rescue dog, Tommy.

Design & Access Kelly in courtyard in Rothenburg, Germany in her "cobblestone chair" that her husband outfitted with big wheels and castors.

Living Abroad: An American Wheelchair User’s Perspective

“I am incredibly grateful to the thousands of American disability rights activists of the 60s, 70s, and 80s who protested, chained themselves to buses, camped out in government buildings for days and were willing to get arrested. I used to say I couldn’t imagine life without them, but now I can to an extent because I’ve lived abroad.”