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Disability Inclusive Stock Images featuring Real Models with disabilities

Arts & Entertainment shaholly2 - Behind the Scenes at a PhotoAbility Disability Inclusive Photoshoot in Hawaii!

Behind the Scenes at a PhotoAbility Disability Inclusive Photoshoot in Hawaii!

It is indeed a rare thing to see a model who does diversity in a way we may not be used to experiencing in the fashion and editorial genres. It is time, that “diversity” includes those who have varying physical differences…not only those of color, ethnicity and size. This shoot takes this concept on in such a palatably stunning and fresh way with photographer Anneli Nygards. The shoot was produced by the stock image site, to increase the number of these types of images available to the tourism industry, publications, and companies who wish to market to all.

Design & Access image of a young mother sitting on floor playing with her baby with a wheelchair beside her

Can these Images of Mother w/ Baby Overcome Advertiser’s Fear of Disability

Disability Inclusion is the last frontier on the bandwagon to bring diversity and equality to our Media landscape. has demonstrated this concept exceptionally, with their Photo Library, that there are many willing, beautiful, strong, able, and positive examples of models whose imagery could easily cross over to mainstream advertising. There should no longer be any question of why or how they should be incorporating models with disabilities into magazine covers, marketing materials, websites, online publications, and anywhere else you see photos illustrating what is good, wholesome, sexy, and human.

Arts & Entertainment ines2 351x185 - Behind the Scenes at A "Disability Inclusive" Stock Image Photoshoot with PhotoAbility

Behind the Scenes at A “Disability Inclusive” Stock Image Photoshoot with PhotoAbility

“If we all stopped for 10 seconds and thought truthfully about ourselves, I think we would all come up with disabled aspects within our own lives. My hope for being a part of the shoot is to highlight the equality we all share, and to get beyond the outward disabilities some of us have more than others. We are all broken a bit, but if we all act as part of the “village”, we are helping to lift some up while others help to lift us up.”