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Weight Loss Surgery: One Paraplegic Woman’s Story of How it Changed Her Life

I am feeling fantastic! VSG is a procedure similar to but is not a gastric bypass. Hate me for “cheating” if you want, but it was what I needed to do for me and my situation. There is a stereotype that people who seek weight loss surgery are lazy and don’t want to try to lose weight on their own. However, my case was desperate.

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The ROLLIN RN Tackles Depression: Its Effects on our Family Members

I could move my head, my arms worked, my fingers stirred, I could sense my legs when I physically palpated them but I was unable to move my toes ….nope, nothing. OK, so I may be a paraplegic. My mind-set then was, “There are worse things in life than not being able to walk.” It was at that exact moment I had to choose my reaction to my disability. I could see the hurt and the anger on my husband’s face. All of our future plans were now dissolving at that exact moment.

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Enrich Your Life by Building a Social Network of Friends, Lovers and Colleagues

We need to make more of an effort to improve our lives via the significant human interactions we all need to sustain our mental and physical health. Studies show that social interaction is necessary to prevent depression, as well as the positive physical effects of touch, eye to eye contact and mental stimulation we gain by actually being in the physical presence of others.

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Learning to Find your Authentic Self Vs. your “False Self”

You may know or have heard about people who are successful, who seem to “have it all,” but who are unhappy and unfulfilled with themselves and life. We wonder how this can be. It is likely that these people are living their lives through their false selves most if not all of the time. As such, they feel a deep sense of lack and sadness even in the face of success and social gains.

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How to Improve Your Life: Why you May Want to Consider Seeing a Therapist

Sometimes one must walk through the storm in order to come through to the sun and warm breezes. Hard work, perseverance, and the desire to be better and feel better will lead you to a more happy, healthy, and peaceful you. When you are happy and feel good about yourself, you will begin to make choices that best serve you.

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Save your Spine! Two Woman Facing Surgery due to Damage post SCI

Please heed our warning and learn from our shared experience and monitor and do not create undue strain and disk degeneration or herniation on your cervical or lumbar spine. Take the best care of the body you have been given post injury and preserve your quality of life for as long as possible.