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Pushing the Boundaries of Inclusive Travel, Design and Living

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Fit, Fabulous, and Stressed…Oh My!

image008 300x295 - Fit, Fabulous, and Stressed...Oh My!

Call a friend …good relationships with friends and loved ones are important to any healthy lifestyle

Stress…my 2015 has been filled with anxiety.  My husband had just landed a new …

Health exercise 351x185 - Fit, Fabulous and ... Functioning?

Fit, Fabulous and … Functioning?

2015…this is going to be an incredible year. It’s time to get back to sharing helpful and useful information. When I write these articles, I want to include everyone in …

Health gallery Girl fall off wheelchair 351x185 - Wheelchair Falls Resulting in Concussions

Wheelchair Falls Resulting in Concussions

My articles are usually chats on becoming FIT AND FABULOUS but I wanted to expand on a question asked earlier and further discuss CONCUSSIONS and WHEELCHAIR FALLS.  Concussions in …

Health DSCN1054 350x185 - Cranberry Concentrate Consumption Craze

Cranberry Concentrate Consumption Craze

Shortly after my spinal cord injury accident, frequent urinary tract infections (UTIs) occurred. I didn’t know why but two things were for sure: the symptoms related to a UTI were …