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Concierge Travel deborah sitting on a wheelchair in sweden with her daughter standing beside her

Disability Tour Operators Deliver #AccessibleTravel

While planning a vacation is an incredibly exciting yet complicated undertaking, traveling on wheels is exponentially more challenging. You must ensure that once you arrive, you’ll not only be able to use the bed, bathroom, and shower, but that you’ll also be able to enjoy your experience.

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Coaching Helps Unlock Your Best #LifeOnWheels

Coaches aren’t just for athletes, and they’re so much more than the red-faced, vein-popping, screaming stereotypes portrayed in television shows and movies. A life coach can be immensely useful when you need help in defining your future and in bringing that future to fruition.

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Crime and Disability: Sex Crimes

Nondisabled women are often victimized, but disabled women are statistically more vulnerable to sex offenders. My long and sad history of victimization have taught me to avoid these events in the future, to the point where I can sense impending violence long before others do. We don’t need to stop living like I did for so long, just recognize the signs and be wise.

Lifestyle featureImage2 351x185 - SW Florida Wheelchair Accessible Fishing Adventure

SW Florida Wheelchair Accessible Fishing Adventure

4 Days/3 Nights in a 4 Star Hotel with (2) 4hr Accessible Fishing Charters aboard wheelchair accessible boats. Southwest Florida has some of the best Inshore and Backwater fishing in the state. You will be amazed by the abundance of wildlife and natural beauty.

Lifestyle Women in a wheelchair on the dance floor laughing along with the crowd

An Open “Letter” To My Ex Best Friend

There is so much I could tell you. Things we used to talk about but now we don’t even talk. The reason we aren’t friends anymore isn’t because we lost things in common. It’s because while you walk, I roll. My life isn’t carefree like it used to be. It might scare you or you might be deep down selfish. I can’t just get up and go.

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