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Disabled Community and Entrepreneurs Unite!

We, as a community of people with disabilities, have a great deal power when we unify. If we all worked together to build the success of our community members, this success builds on itself, and the money and power that comes with it strengthens us all.
How can we begin to support this type of community empowerment, which has already been done successfully by groups such as the Gay Alliance, The Rainbow Coalition, the NAACP, and the Jewish Federation?


From Friendship to Love: A Courtship Grown out of the Love of Sports

Before the romance, there was a basis in friendship. “We were really good friends for two or three years before we starting dating and spent a lot of time together.” She was in a relationship at the time, and friendship was all there was until a visit home from college when her relationship ended. “One night we went to a Bronco event, that was the night we had our first kiss.  Then slowly it came together.”


Self-Advocacy and Assertiveness: The Way to Self-Love and Respect

Stand up for yourself. You deserve to be heard and to be taken seriously. You deserve to get what you paid for, and you certainly deserve to have your time and your health respected. You may be shy, and assertiveness may not come naturally, but if your gut is telling you that you are being pushed too far, don’t ignore it. Take the steps you need to defend and protect your own best self-interest.


It’s Hard Not to Say I’m Sorry

Another confession: I was one of those women who sacrificed her inner power by trying to present a perfect version of her physical self. But, that was prior to my spinal cord injury (SCI).

The SCI has been a huge teacher in my life. What I’m most grateful for, having acquiring this injury, is the ability to fuel my passion of being an ultra-feminist. To revere parts of me that I kept hidden or dormant while I focused on conforming with my body to the societal standards of perfection. I woke up my inner she-wolf.”

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