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Lifestyle Gina leaning forward woth hands in lap while sitting in wheelchair. Wearing a cap backwards and smiling at camera

Voices of the Community: My Wheelchair is My Legs, When it Breaks it IS an Emergency!

Why don’t they have stricter standards? Ignorance. The federal and state laws are written by able-bodied people who couldn’t be more ignorant of what someone with a true disability needs. The current situation and laws perpetuate the stereotype that people with disabilities are second class citizens. There is a lack of knowledge, and that needs to change. Our medical field and government perpetually victimize people with disabilities. Whether it be handing out disabled parking to anyone who asks or ignoring our pleas for changes. We have voices for a reason, let’s use them to educate people and demand change. I smell a class action, because after all the only language these greedy bastards speak is $$$

Design & Access Casey, a young man with blonde hair in wheelchair with a young girl posing next to him outside in the sun with his black labrador

Voices of the Community: Bogus Service Dogs – The Scam Co-Opting the Rights of the Disabled

To some people, this may not seem like a big deal. What’s the problem with being allowed to bring one of your best friends with you everywhere? Unfortunately, it’s a huge problem. Every legitimate service animal has been evaluated, and will continue to be evaluated to make sure that it is suitable to be out in public where you may experience large crowds, loud noises, and a huge list of distractions. A lot of average pets can be easily scared by many of those things, which can also mean aggression and violent behavior. That is not safe at all for the public, and especially not safe for service animals.

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Part 3 – Women with Disabilities: How Accessible is the Road to Motherhood?

On record, Bethany said that the DCS is “such a defunct, broken system… a whirlpool creating its own internal problems, and are not servicing the children in a healthy way.” While, as a potential adoptive parent, you are required to go through classes that are inspected at a microscopic level, the children that are in foster homes require only a fraction of this oversight or screening. They are being placed with multiple other children, often in unhealthy homes, and without care and safety.

Health woman in wheelchair celebrating with friends 351x185 - Enrich Your Life by Building a Social Network of Friends, Lovers and Colleagues

Enrich Your Life by Building a Social Network of Friends, Lovers and Colleagues

We need to make more of an effort to improve our lives via the significant human interactions we all need to sustain our mental and physical health. Studies show that social interaction is necessary to prevent depression, as well as the positive physical effects of touch, eye to eye contact and mental stimulation we gain by actually being in the physical presence of others.

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