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Health caregiver for disabled person

How to Hire and Keep Caregivers

I have had relatively good experiences with almost all of caregivers and I have maintained some great friendships. I’m very happy with my caregiving situation. Like many people, I hate

Arts & Entertainment Cartoon of about little boys on the beach, Image 1: A boy in the wheelchair on the beach building the beautiful sand castle. Image 2: Two boys on the beach stand next to a small distorted sand castle with the text "What's up with your brother?" The second boy answers "Oh, you know...", Image 3: The third boy admires the boy's talent in a wheelchair that makes a beautiful castle, Image 4: Boy says for his brother in the wheelchair "A Classic Over-Achiever". "He was born that way."

PUSHLiving Comic Strip: Over-Achiever

‘No, Really.’ is a humor-with-heart comic strip series on by artist/disability advocate Jennifer Latham Robinson about life with a disability. 

Over Achiever 600x600 - PUSHLiving Comic Strip: Over-Achiever

I tend to simultaneously deal with the struggle in two

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