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Woman with Disabilities: How Accessible is the Road to Motherhood?

For many women who became disabled through accident or illness, or who were born with a physical disability, the unfulfilled lifelong dream of having a child becomes yet one more loss. This should not be the case. This is a challenge that needs to be examined collectively by society, and overcome in order to give these women an equal opportunity to become the great mothers they are fully capable of being.

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Behind the Scenes at A “Disability Inclusive” Stock Image Photoshoot with PhotoAbility

“If we all stopped for 10 seconds and thought truthfully about ourselves, I think we would all come up with disabled aspects within our own lives. My hope for being a part of the shoot is to highlight the equality we all share, and to get beyond the outward disabilities some of us have more than others. We are all broken a bit, but if we all act as part of the “village”, we are helping to lift some up while others help to lift us up.”

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