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Dating Ali lying in bed posing with her legs up to chest in red lingerie smiling and looking into camera


Many of you have read my dating profile from my first column, and to my pleasant surprise, I received quite a lot of responses. I then started panicking because I realized I would actually have to meet these guys and probably get naked with them eventually.This leads me to how I gained my sexuality back … The Answer?


An Open “Letter” To My Ex Best Friend

There is so much I could tell you. Things we used to talk about but now we don’t even talk. The reason we aren’t friends anymore isn’t because we lost things in common. It’s because while you walk, I roll. My life isn’t carefree like it used to be. It might scare you or you might be deep down selfish. I can’t just get up and go.

Inspiration Woman on a wheelchair at her workstation

Trading Your Way to Financial Freedom … Spinal Cord Injury Style

Spinal Cord Injury is not synonymous with being helpless. Don’t get me wrong, when you first sustain a spinal cord injury it can take quite some time to get your “Spinal Cord Injury Sea Legs,” I’m here to encourage all those out there that there are multiple roads you can travel down in order to regain your freedom… In this particular article, I will touch on the subject of Financial Freedom.

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