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Here it comes. . . and it’s alright

The performance of my arrangement of Here Comes the Sun continues my torrid output of creating and sharing one video per year. But this is by design. It allows just enough time for people to completely forget that I can play guitar, sing and (sometimes) write songs. Or maybe even play a kazoo. They are then astounded to discover that I possess any semblance of musical ability whatsoever.


ADAPT Fun Run to Support Activism and Disability Rights

During the past year, we worked diligently with Senate Minority Leader Schumer’s office to improve and reintroduce the Disability Integration Act (S.910). This bi-partisan, bicameral legislation takes up the call of Senator Harkin’s 2013 HELP Committee Report, “Separate but Unequal” to strengthen and clarify the ADA’s integration mandate for people with disabilities.

Magazine image of exhibit hall of crowd attending event

United Kingdom Hosts Largest Disability Expo in World March 28th

NAIDEX IS EUROPE’S BIGGEST AND MOST FAR-REACHING TRADE, PROFESSIONAL AND CONSUMER SHOW DEDICATED TO THE CARE, REHABILITATION, AND LIFESTYLE OF PEOPLE WITH A DISABILITY OR IMPAIRMENT. Setting no limit on potential, the event is the only place that gathers innovation, information, cutting edge supplies, and the most inspirational speakers from around the world to one venue, over three unforgettable days.

Magazine graphic with photo of Deborah Davis and Heidi Richards Mooney

The EntreprenHer Show Interview With Deborah Davis – The Pushliving Life

Either during or at the end of the interview there will take time for Q and A from the audience as well as inviting others to join in the conversation. Because this is livestreamed, people can join during different times throughout the show. It is an informal pace in that during the show, people request to be in one of the “seats,” people ask questions during the chat and people give our guests applause (similar to the hearts people give on Periscope). It is really interesting. Anything goes!

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