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PUSHLiving Podcast 011 | Beauty Born w/out Limbs Bullied Mercilessly, Now Singing and Dancing to Joy

You will learn the powerful story of how Jennifer Lynn Adams came to be raised in her adoptive family to think nothing was impossible, yet how this innocent and carefree little girl then faced the most brutal bullying once she was part of the public school system in middle school. How this and darker and deeply painful incidences to come affected her psyche and physical health and how she has found the strength to use these experiences to fight back, not only for her self-esteem that others tried to take from her but for others who may find themselves in this situation.


PUSHLiving Podcast 004 | Interview with Dr. Michelle Hernandez

Michelle Hernandez, PhD earned her doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2011.
As a Latina with childhood Rheumatoid Arthritis, which now requires the use of a wheelchair, Michelle has become a successful speaker discussing real life topics such as culture, prejudice, and overcoming adversity in a discriminating society.

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