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Affordable, Fun and Wheelchair Accessible Cities for Singles!

Pack your bags and get ready to mail ‘change of address’ postcards after reading this list of the seven hottest cities for single wheelchair users! We’ve researched cities that are affordable and offer a wide range of cultural and recreational opportunities for all–especially for those searching for the one who makes their heart beat faster!

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From Friendship to Love: A Courtship Grown out of the Love of Sports

Before the romance, there was a basis in friendship. “We were really good friends for two or three years before we starting dating and spent a lot of time together.” She was in a relationship at the time, and friendship was all there was until a visit home from college when her relationship ended. “One night we went to a Bronco event, that was the night we had our first kiss.  Then slowly it came together.”

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SEX after Spinal Cord Injury: Confident, Outspoken, Candid, Kinky and Safe

We’re all so afraid to talk about sex and that makes no sense to me. It is an essential part of a healthy relationship, and even if you’re not in a relationship it’s a necessity. Often people minimize their sexuality. Why? It’s natural to have sexual desires. Every species partakes in sexual acts, why would I be any different being in a wheelchair?

Health tomsad - Unresolved Anger: How constructive expression has physical and psychological benefits

Unresolved Anger: How constructive expression has physical and psychological benefits

Anger is an emotion, as are sadness, fear, and happiness. It is when we attempt to avoid anger that it will accumulate inside our minds and bodies until it overflows in an inappropriate outburst or leads to mental and physical illnesses. When acknowledged, accepted, and expressed constructively, it can let others know how we feel, help us to understand ourselves better, and become our ally when we are ready to stand up for ourselves and to make positive changes in our lives.