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A film surrounding three paraplegic athletes and their journies through their injuries, will have a free release coming soon!

Defying The Odds follows Tyler, Lindsey, and Justin as they defy the odds to continue doing what they love.  The film shows the world that nothing is impossible.  It also helps to raise awareness for the possibilities that many disabled people do not even realize that they have.  After watching the film, whether the viewer is disabled or not, he/she should view their own issues as miniscule and get inspired to overcome the obstacles in his/her life.  

Tyler Ryan, who was injured around 10 years ago, not only plays sled hockey, but he also mono-skis, downhill mountain bikes, rides side by sides and even more.  He has done everything in his power to help spread the impact that continuing to play these sports has had on his life.

Lindsey Runkel, who was injured around 1 year ago, first got onto an adaptive bike this fall.  Without Tyler’s influence she would have never biked again.  She is determined to learn to mono-ski this winter.

Justin Ubel, who was also injured around 10 years ago, met Tyler on the way to an adaptive surf clinic.  They have been best friends since who both refuse to give up doing what they love to do.

This is important because it gives people a chance to see something new.  The fact that an adaptive mountain bike cost around 10,000 dollars means a lot of people do not have the opportunity to even try.  By raising awareness for these adaptive sports and the possibilities that people have, we are hoping to also make it easier for people to gain access to these bikes as well.

Defying The Odds Brand

Defying The Odds is a film following three amazing paraplegic athletes.  The film follows Tyler, Lindsey, and Justin on their journey to keep doing what they love to do despite the odds stacked against them.  The film is really supposed to have two central themes, showing that nothing is impossible, and showing the power of friendship.  As a brand, the film focuses on showing people that absolutely nothing is impossible.



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