Do you believe joint support supplements will work?



Do you believe joint support supplements will work for my hands? Which do I invest in? I want my arms and fingers to stay healthy and pain free, but overuse is starting to affect them.


This is a fantastic question and one that will be featured later in a complete article. Joint support supplements such as Glucosamine and/or Chondroitin are primarily used for osteoarthritis sufferers. They are used to cushion the joints when there is no cushioning left, hence arthritis, the bones rub over bones causing pain. But you ask this question, not because you suffer from osteoarthritis but because of overuse of joints due to pushing a wheelchair. The supplements used have been proven to reduce significant pain and facilitate motion. I posed this question to a physical therapist and asked for her take on the subject. She found joint support supplements to “work wonders and they helped tremendously”. But she also states that joint support supplements cannot be used alone, they must also be combined with extension stretching exercises for hands and fingers or wrist splint supports at night to give the wrists much needed rest from the days’ work. Your question as to which do you invest in? I suggest asking your local pharmacist about the brands or read the labels. Active ingredients may be the same but are usually manufactured under a brand name which affects the price. Thanks for the question as we continue rolling together to become fit and fabulous.

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