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My recipe for healthy living

Wheelchair soul sisters unite.  Let’s face it: we are all in this collectively.  I am jumping right in, feet first, of course.  As a woman and a nurse, who happens to be paraplegic, I have experienced a multitude of symptoms, trials, and tribulations, as you may say.  My recipe for these articles is to add a dollop of stress solutions secrets, digestion supports, and glistening hair guidelines.  We add a dash of Pap Smears, Mammograms, DVTs (Deep Vein Thrombosis) and skin nourishment and nutritious conditioning.  We will add a splash of fashion and style suggestions.  Then there are always liver and kidney well-being, healthy heart, and vitamin supplements.  Let’s not forget the dab of protein needs, weight loss in the wheelchair, the need for exercise, mental changes, and dietary needs.  We will throw in a pinch of balance instability, edema and swelling, shoulder and joint strength, and cushion requirements.  Then we will add a smidgen of briefs vs. panties, health testing, hormones, and sexual relationships.  Did I cover most of our finest health aspirations?  No wait, I have one more: the “blemishes” on the walls and furniture from our wheelchairs.  Maybe a few helpful decorating hints could be tossed in for good measure.

Let’s commence the quest to be FIT and FABULOUS.  No stone will be left unturned.  Ironically, my first career as a nurse was on a spinal cord injury unit.  Let me just reiterate, I am not a physician.  I am a Registered Nurse doling out helpful suggestions to all us wheelchair women; working together to make the rolling road of life more fun, more fit, and oh so fabulous.

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The Rollin RN, Patty Kunze, RNC, BSN

Patty has been a Nurse for 31 years, since 1983. She actually worked for two years prior to her spinal cord injury (SCI) in the SCI Unit at the Veterans Hospita,l working with new injuries. She then transferred to neonatal intensive care and ultimately to education of students in nursing.

Patty, The Rolling RN, Is A Regular Contributor To PUSHLiving

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