How We Inspire Each Other: What We Can Accomplish When We Tell Our Stories


It started with one woman with a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) sharing her online dating stories, which inspired another to try an experiment.  Then a man wanted in on the action. Together three lives intersected in a circle of friendship and support. Read on and learn how:

image001 300x289 - How We Inspire Each Other: What We Can Accomplish When We Tell Our StoriesToday we got a letter via email from one of our readers, Sabrina Cohen, from Miami Beach. She wanted to let us know how inspired she was by a recent posting we did with our new “the Quirky Quad” columnist, Ali Ingersoll. Ali was generous enough to share with her dating profile in the hope that it would inspire and educate.

If you haven’t read it yet, here is the link to Profile #5 Online Dating: Woman with Disabilities Share Their Road Back to Love, Lust and Empowerment.

image003 - How We Inspire Each Other: What We Can Accomplish When We Tell Our Stories

Sabrina is a C 5-6 quadriplegic, a realtor, and founder of the Sabrina Cohen Foundation which runs Sabrina’s Beach, an accessible beach where volunteers go out on Saturdays and assist people with disabilities into the water. Here’s what Sabrina had to say.

“I have tried online dating on and off for many years. Recently, after I had stopped seeing someone, I decided to try again. In the past when I've done this, I got frustrated and eventually I would just stop and take my profile down. After reading Ali’s online profile, I decided to do an experiment. The experiment was to determine if it was my profile and how I was marketing myself that was the issue. "

Ali was so fun, flirty, carefree and confident that I could see she would put a lot of people at ease with her humorous profile. So, I decided to edit it and plagiarize it to see what kind of reaction I would get using her words and MY photos.

Just a few hours later, I started getting responses! They came, and they came, and they came in like they were never going to stop! So, I wanted to tell you thank you for inspiring me again to look at how I wrote my profile and re-write it because everything that she said I could relate to and was identical to how I felt.

“Sometimes we just need another person who is in our situation to show us how to make our self-whole again."

Sabrina agreed that we could use her letter and her experiment to let others know that maybe they too can take a look at how they write their profile, and maybe it is something that they can get some feedback on or this will inspire them to write their first one!

So here is our offer to you dear readers:

image002 300x300 - How We Inspire Each Other: What We Can Accomplish When We Tell Our StoriesIf you have never tried before and want to give it a stab, or you have a current profile that is published and wanted to be reviewed, please send it to us at, and Sabrina, Ali and the PUSHLiving team will review and critique and give suggestions. You may want a more professional opinion from Dr. Mitchell Tepper who can provide this for a fee. See his article “how-the-dating-coach-became-the-life-coach-instead”.

You can submit your profile anonymously, or you can provide your name. We will then be sharing your profile and our suggested changes for others to learn and benefit from here on

The process of dating and falling in love and staying in love and knowing your worth is all a challenge that we face just like everybody else who doesn’t roll through life.  Sometimes it’s even more challenging for us because of our wheels. That’s why we are here for you. Ali, Sabrina, me, and Dr. Tepper are always here to help you in this journey.

Coming Next: Ali reviews and helps re-write a  young man’s dating profile and we will share the results!



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