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“I love the surrogate idea. I have no idea where to start so could really use your help on this one. Do you use an egg donor or can I use my 41 year old eggs?

Do I use an egg donor in me (I have read it is the age of the egg, not the uterus that matters)? I have no doubt being pregnant in a wheelchair is uncomfortable, at best. But it is another option. I have no idea of the cost for something like this or if they would even do it.“


This is a fantastic question that warms my heart, melts my soul, and fills me with excitement. Babies are my first love as a nurse since I have worked in pediatrics, labor and delivery, and Neonatal ICU and I am also a mother.

Women over 35 years of age may take longer to be able to conceive because those eggs have been with us since birth. We don’t make new eggs as men make new sperm. This is one reason to seek help from your health care provider if you have been unable to achieve pregnancy after trying for 6 months.

My suggestion to anyone thinking of pregnancy or surrogacy is to find an obstetrician you feel most comfortable with discussing delicate issues – especially one that feels comfortable dealing with pregnancy of a spinal cord injured patient. This may be found in larger institutions rather than community hospitals; reason being that when time for delivery occurs, the anesthesiologist must feel secure with your choice of pain relief during labor. The RN who is involved in your care must also be comfortable in your treatment and be mindful of any Autonomic Dysreflexia symptoms that may occur while you are in labor.

Successful pregnancy and delivery can be achieved by careful attention and vigilant planning to achieve optimal outcome: a happy, healthy baby.

Here are some links to resources on surrogacy.

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What are the costs for using donor eggs? I found this article that discusses costs related to surrogacy. But I have no idea on the cost for the procedure. “For recipients interested in using donor eggs the costs will include the medical treatment for the donor and intended parents (also a surrogate if that is required), the donor’s compensation and the donor agency fee, insurance for the donor, the cost of preparing and securing the legal contract with the donor and any travel costs for the donor if she does not live near the doctor’s office. The total cost of an egg donor cycle will range from approximately $25,000 – $40,000.” This is to give you a more comprehensive idea of the costs.

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I would love to stay in contact with you during your travels to become a mother. Be keep me up to date on any progress and as I learn more on this topic I will share with you and the readers.

-Patty, The Rollin RN

Are you becoming a mother? Do you plan to use or are you using surrogacy? Share your story.


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The Rollin RN, Patty Kunze, RNC, BSN

Patty has been a Nurse for 31 years, since 1983. She actually worked for two years prior to her spinal cord injury (SCI) in the SCI Unit at the Veterans Hospita,l working with new injuries. She then transferred to neonatal intensive care and ultimately to education of students in nursing.

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