PUSHLiving Podcast 009 | Single, Quadriplegic, and Want a Baby…NO Problem! Jen Goodwin Story


This uniquely courageous woman has a story to tell, a story in the making, and a future that is something we will all want to bookmark and follow. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, she is the classic girl next door—sweet, sexy, smart, and quite the package! She has a smile that brightens up the room and she is every sailor’s and soldier’s dream. She is a girl’s girl too. The kind of girl that would be voted sorority president and will no doubt one day be voted PTA president too.

This truly remarkable lady has made a decision that defies what most feel is practical, plausible or even possible. She decided that she wanted a baby and didn’t need a man or an able body to get one. She has a network, support, pure determination, and a well-researched plan to become a Mother at 32. Did I mention she is a quadriplegic? And Single? This is a planned pregnancy, one that was chosen and created with the assistance of a sperm donor and Artificial Fertilization.

Her story is a true testament to what can be achieved by applying an intellectual and creative approach to overcoming what physical limitations one may have, and then making what most would think impossible to be simply doable.

Listen to her describe the harrowing story of her injury, how she is doing dating again, and how she manages her now 16-month-old baby.


Beckham Goodwin is the most adorable little boy!

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