PUSHLiving Podcast 017 | Anthony Amorello, Inventor BedPhrame Lift


Man on a Mission: Building a Solution to Inaccessible Hotel Beds and More.

In 2004 Anthony attend a business conference in Orlando and slept in his wheelchair as he couldn’t get up on the high bed.

Anthony is fed-up and tired of traveling and reserving wheelchair accessible “ADA rooms” only to find the beds were raised up in the newest designer fashion…and he couldn’t get on them.

These beds have been a prevalent issue, and PUSHLiving has reported on it for years as well as it’s
#DropTheHIghTop campaign to lower tables in bars in restaurants.

Anthony did something unique. He decided to stop complaining, signing petitions and writing letters and simply come up with a solution.

This device called the Bedphramelift.com is a prototype portable lift that can help the over 2.2 million people lives in wheelchairs travel in confidence, as well as help the elderly or anyone with a mobility issue reduce fall risk.

His goal is to have every hotel purchase 1-2 of these lifts and enable travelers who book an ADA room or any room, the ability to reserve a bed frame lift.

His next step is to begin to beta test now in hotels and is reaching out to several chains to get this to happen.

Not just for beds…this lift can be used to work on trucks…jet ski or tractors…wherever you need a lift to gain height.

So today he is here to let us in on what it is, how he plans to make it work and show us all how we can do the same…create a solution to a problem and see it through as a business venture. #EntrepreneurswithDisabilitiesUnited

So listen in and learn about this powerful project and how you can find your own inspiration to help him, help others who are working on projects of interest, or in finding your solutions to the issues you encounter in your world.

Some things we will be discussing’:

  • Hurt at 14, Anthony gives us some insight into his journey and successful marriage and family.
  • Why do Hotels not have to comply with accessible bed heights?
  • Have you gained any traction thus far? Support?
  • Tell us about what makes you want to wake up each day…what are your motivations?
Anthony Amorillo and his sons 300x200 - PUSHLiving Podcast 017 | Anthony Amorello, Inventor BedPhrame Lift

Anthony Amorillo with his sons on trip to Hawaii

How can we help?

Sign the petition on Change.org

Links mentioned in the podcast:

ADA Information Line at 1-800-514-0301 (voice) or 1-800-514-0383 (TTY) to schedule an appointment. Please be advised that it may take two weeks or more for Department staff to contact you.


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