Wheelie Favorite THINGS! Best Products, Places and Things for Wheelchair Users


Have you ever experienced attending a conference or large meeting where the carpet is thick for what feels like miles on end to a manual chair user? This additional weight can cause arm injury and feelings of frustration and overwhelming anxiety. Where everyone else is focused on meeting other participants and rushing to the next session, you’re thinking “how am I going to push up that carpeted hill again? Exhausted, tired and sore, many just give up and forgo attending at all. These immense halls, often attached to major Hotel chains like the Marriott, do not think of providing an uncarpeted “rollway” for those who don’t want to push through thick carpeting.

Or maybe you are visiting a new city or want to explore some nature trails, and you are concerned about needed some power?

Well, now there may be a solution.  Ask ahead of time if they have an “electric wheelchair rental program.” Scoot Around is now available across the country as an option and you can get into this motorized chair (they use the WHILL electric chairs, which are fantastic!) in your hotel room or find a place to have it delivered to you ahead of time, and you’re on a roll!

Rates $60 same price as scooters rentals and can be tax deductible as a medical or business expense.

“WeDrive” offering test drives!  If you want to try out a WHILL before your next conference or event or if you are just keen on these for travel and saving your arms, they now have a great program in 23 cities (and growing) where one of their “ambassadors” will let you test drive their chair in your area! To find out how to give this program a try, contact: https://wedrive.whill.us/  Great way to find out more about this innovative new wheelchair solution and meet a new friend!

ADA Boats

We first learned about this boats over 4 years ago, when Caption Mike contacted us about the concept. His father could no longer go fishing due to being in a wheelchair, and he wanted to change that. SO many great inventions featured on “Wheely Favorite Things” start with a motivation to solve a problem and help create more independence, access, and freedom!

Well now it is available for charter or purchase. One day charters or 3-night fishing vacations can be reserved now in South Florida!

Or if your so inclined, you can purchase a boat for your own charter business or personal or group use.

Paw Paw Cream


Recently, on a Facebook forum a woman asked for advice on how to heal dry and cracked skin. This can be especially an issue for wheelers in dry and/or colder climates. All you have to do is ask a friend in Australia! PAW PAW cream, the Aussie import is the best for relieving this issue and maintaining healthy skin.

“In 1906, after years of research, botanist and surgeon T.P. Lucas stated that he believed the papaw was the finest natural medicine yet discovered.”

Of course it is available at many merchants online such as Amazon and Dermstore.

Lightbulbs that are operated by your IPhone!

MiMoodz is a multicolor LED bulb that you can control with your iPhone. WORKS ONLY WITH IPHONE – DOES NOT WORK WITH ANDROID PHONES! It gives you full control of your lights at home – you can dim them down, change the color, and easily create different moods with a click on the app!

Steam floor cleaner

Mopping Floors has been a real burden for us wheelers. Getting the right angle from a seated position and enough pressure to mop can be a typical and functional challenge many cannot do or simply wish not to exert limited energy doing.

One really cool solution to having to pay or ask someone to clean off your tire marks or spills is a steam cleaner. The heat from the steam is sanitizing and loosening dirt, and the pulsing “Multi force” action on the HAAN unit actually allows the unit to glide easily across the floor. While you will need to still manage the cord not getting caught up in your wheels, this may be a reasonable solution to try!




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