Wheely Favorite Things: Best Products, Places & Things for Wheelchair Users


There are so many wheely awesome things in the world, where to begin? In our Fourth Column, we will be profiling some of the best products for wheelchair users:  the solutions, places, and things that you will not want to miss! So get ready to be healthier, safer, and to add new ideas to your wish list and vision boards!

1. Cure Catheters

If you need an economical, healthy (non-carcinogenic) catheter, AND want a help to fund a cure for SCI, we got a perfect concept!

Cure Medical donates 10% of pre-tax profits to Spinal Cord Research. Their founder’s health depends on them, too.

All Cure Medical Catheters are DEHP, BPA, and latex-free for safety. Single-use catheters have smooth, fire-polished eyelets for more comfortable insertion. Economical catheters are a safe alternative for most popular types of catheters.

  • Male, Female & Pediatric options available
  • Cost effective and economical option
  • Made with non-carcinogenic materials
  • Individually packaged and sterile for single use

Our friends over at IndeMedical.com (run by a fellow Wheeler Mike Benge) is now offering Cure Catheter Sample Packs* Click Here to Order Free Pack now!

Cure Cathethers Free Samples on PUSHLiving.com  - Wheely Favorite Things: Best Products, Places & Things for Wheelchair Users

*Free Shipping Disclaimer: The Product ships for free as a single product order. Additional items added to the order may be charged at the flat rate feeLimit 1 Sample Pack per Customer!

Plus! Use Promo Code PUSH5 and get 5% off ANY order at IndeMedical.com! Free Catheters and a discount! This is how we all can support each other and win!

2. Active Hands Grips

If your hands are affected by your SCI or disability, you can still get your workout on! These gripping solutions give you the confidence and security to pull, push and lift your way to sexy muscles and a strong heart!

Active Hands SCI FIT 300x200 - Wheely Favorite Things: Best Products, Places & Things for Wheelchair Users

Griping solutions invented by a disabled designer

These too were developed by an entrepreneur on wheels, a designer from England. Rob was a twenty-year-old student studying Mechanical Engineering at Warwick University, when on a holiday with friends, he fell down a cliff. He suffered a high-level spinal cord injury which left him with partial paralysis in all four limbs.

If these could help you as well, find them here: https://store.pushliving.com/products/active-hands-general-purpose-gripping-aids

3. Gizmo Headlamp

We love this Headlamp to stay safe while wheeling at night. The best solution we have found since the under chair lighting which cannot project forward. This one gives new meaning to the term “headlights” as it can be worn on your head akin to the miners hats. Quality and cool for only $19.95 on the PUSHLiving Store!

Gizmo Head Lamp for Safe Wheelchair Travel 300x270 - Wheely Favorite Things: Best Products, Places & Things for Wheelchair Users

Go Hands free with a headlamp!


4. Up4 Probiotics

We all know we need to take our probiotics for digestion and good health, and now we can get our cranberry fix at the same time! Up4 is a highly recommended probiotic blend that now has a woman’s formula (because urinary infections plague many non-disabled women, so they made a product that addresses this chronic issue). Yet it is perfect for anyone with a neuro bladder that also wants to protect against infections with the bacteria resistant properties of cranberry (see more on this topic from the Rollin RN https://pushliving.com/lifestyle/health-and-wellbeing/rollin-rn/57-cranberry-concentrate-consumption-craze

Probiotics with cranberry for SCI health 300x300 - Wheely Favorite Things: Best Products, Places & Things for Wheelchair Users


Ok, that is all for this edition, we hope you all found something you can use, share and benefit from in our Wheely Favorite things!

Do you know of a wheely awesome service/product that deserves to be spotlighted? Email us at ContactUs@pushliving.com or enter our Wheely Favorite Things contest for a chance to win a great Prize!

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