Why A Home Elevator Was The Perfect Fit


Leslie needed to find a solution that would provide easier access to the upstairs of her home due to her medical condition.

Initially she had a stair-lift installed but it soon became apparent that it did not suit her needs and was totally impractical.

After looking at alternatives, Leslie was surprised to learn that she could have a home elevator installed in her home.

Leslie could not accommodate a hydraulic residential elevator due to the limited amount of space in her property.

She needed one that provided her with the flexibility to be able to install it almost anywhere in the home so chose a Stiltz Home Elevator. It was not only attractive but also practical with a small footprint of less than seven square feet and it did not use hydraulics. Stiltz also do a wheelchair lift.

Leslie said: “I purchased a stair-lift but it was not functional at all due to my medical condition. I purchased the Stiltz Home Elevator because it met my needs and it had a small footprint that worked perfectly with the limited space I had available in my home.

“I was familiar with a more commercial type elevator for home use as larger properties in my neighbourhood have them installed.  I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to find a space in my house with minimal construction to install my lift.”

The residential lift plugs straight into the wall using a normal 110v or 220v power outlet and has a quiet, electric, self-contained motor, housed out of sight at the top of the home lift, so no noisy hydraulics or vacuum systems are required.

The home elevator travels on a unique twin rail system with no supporting walls or additional construction work needed. As the elevator lifts are made of modular sections, it took just one day for the Stiltz Duo Home Elevator to be installed in a hallway that backed on to her garage.

Leslie said: “I have been very happy with the Stiltz elevator.  It has allowed me to access my second floor living space as well as my storage room, providing me with a sense of independence I did not have before.

“I like the small footprint and simple, sleek design.  It blends in well in my hallway where it is installed and it is easy to use.  I’d 100 per cent recommend the lift to others and have overall been very pleased with my experience.”



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