Why I Support the Ratification of the UN CRPD


I take discrimination personally, I know first-hand what discrimination feels like and this is the reason I feel so strongly that the US ratifying the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, know as the CRPD is a critical piece of the inclusion solution of all people into the puzzle we call society. Of the seven billion people, one billion, are people with disabilities, a full 15% of the global population. Right now we have an opportunity support the ratification effort in the US. The Senate must have two thirds majority vote, we are almost there. If you are not familiar with the CRPD please check out the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation webcast that give the complete 411 on this UN document, as well as what you can do to make sure the people with disabilities can exercise their human rights as easily as anyone else.

This webcast gives the complete history, why it’s important, how people can participate in the campaign for the US to ratify the CRPD. The webcast is 60 minutes in length and it has visuals.
This website has all the information one would need to contact their Senators and take actions to let them know that they should support the ratification of the CRPD. http://disabilitytreaty.org



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