Accessible Bike-and-Wheel Tour of Holland


NL BIKE SMALL 300x297 - Accessible Bike-and-Wheel Tour of HollandImagine rolling gently among windmills, fields of tulips and canals, touring charming villages, tasting wonderful cheese and foods of all kind, and visiting one of Europe’s richest cultural centers. Holland attracts the active travelers and with its flat-as-pancake roads, it is a biker and wheeler’s paradise. From the cultural hub of Amsterdam, this easy, adaptive trip-on-wheels takes the travelers on a delightful tour of De Beemster, the cheese market in Alkmaar, Schermerhorn’s windmills, the Kroller Muller Museum in de Hoge Veluwe National Park, and much more: a trip of sophistication and adventures.


  • Size of group:
    10 to 14 people
  • Price:
    US$ 4,420 per person (Space is limited)
  • Duration:
    9-12 days
  • Start-end points :
  • Best time to travel
    Spring/Summer/early Fall
  • Character
    Combination urban, nature, culture and outdoors
  • Intensity level
    Easy to moderate
  • Suitable for
    Small assisted and independent group

We took the best elements of the Netherlands and combined them into a family-friendly, accessible and inclusive adventure. From the cultural sophistication of Amsterdam and Utrecht, to the rural beauty of its countryside and villages, to the experience of great food (yes, not just cheese), all wrapped in the welcoming atmosphere of its friendly people. And of course, with its flat-as-a-pancakes trails and paths crisscrossing the whole country, it is truly a bike-and-wheel paradise.

Our bike-and-wheel excursions are gentle and slow-paced, with routes designed for easy to mild effort, with multiple stops along the way and optional hop-on/hop-off on our accessible support vehicle.

We have a vast choice of equipment and gear on-site to accommodate your needs and required level of comfort, including regular and electric bicycles, and hand-cranked bikes. Should you decide to stay in your wheelchair, you can use the Dragonfly or Firefly attachments. Mobility scooters are also available. And, naturally, you can also choose to stay in your own electric wheelchair.

In other words, if you can bike or wheel, love art and culture, windmills and tulips, cheese and green meadows, this trip is for you.

A perfect tour of The Netherlands

  • Cruise the canals and stroll the street of Amsterdam
  • Rembrandt and the Old Masters of the Golden Age
  • Van Gogh galore in Hoge Veluwe Park
  • Roll along canals and fields of tulips in De Rijp
  • Windmills, canals and pitch-roofed farmhouses in De Beemster
  • Historic polders and dams in the Waterland
  • Bike-and-wheel your way to charming historic villages
  • Cheese and Dutch delicacies. Did we mention cheese?
  • Fun cheese market in Alkmaar
  • Visit enchanting Utrecht
  • Flat terrain and easygoing routes
  • A vast range of equipment to match your needs

Itinerary at a glance

Day 1 : Arrival in Amsterdam

Welcome to the Netherlands! Upon your arrival at Schiphol Airport, a tour representative meets you and takes care of your transfer to our 4-star hotel in Amsterdam. Located right in the center of the city, the hotel is a convenient base for exploring the Old City and other attractive neighborhoods nearby.

1.Amsterdam 1 300x200 - Accessible Bike-and-Wheel Tour of Holland

Amsterdam, Welcome to one of the most picturesque cities in Europe

After checking-in in your room, we invite you to join us for a cruise on the iconic canals. No better way to get a first impression of the scale, history and beauty of Amsterdam.

After dinner, explore the neighborhood on your own, just relax, or join us for informal drinks at the hotel’s Skylounge for amazing views and friendly conversation.

Amsterdam is our home for the next three nights.

Day 2: Get to know Amsterdam

Get to know Amsterdam! After a good breakfast, follow our local guide for an easy-paced walk-and-wheel tour along some of most renowned landmarks of the city. Starting at the Red Light District, we stroll by the Old Church, the smallest street, the oldest house and one of Amsterdam’s hidden courtyards. Listen to the fascinating stories of the Golden age as we arrive at the Amsterdam Museum for lunch.

Amsterdam cruize canal 300x196 - Accessible Bike-and-Wheel Tour of Holland

Amsterdam, Meander on a cruise though the canals of the city


At your own pace in the afternoon, visit the world-renown Rijksmuseum and/or the Van Gogh Museum. This allows for an individual exploration of the works of Van Gogh, Rembrandt and the Old Masters’ paintings from the Golden Age.

We get together in the evening for dinner and a presentation of the program of activities for the days ahead.

Day 3 : Bike-and-Wheel to the Waterland region

Our first bike-and-wheel excursion! After breakfast, we stroll to the workshop where you are fitted with the gear and equipment best suited to your need and level of comfort for the bike-and-wheel excursions of our trip.

At a leisure pace, we bike-and-wheel to the Waterland region just north of the center of Amsterdam. This is quintessential Holland: a countryside of beautiful natural scenery, small fishing villages and polders. We ride the flat bike trail along the water, passing traditional Waterland houses and small harbors, on the way to our destination, the picturesque village of Durgerdam.

City of Amsterdam Tour 300x187 - Accessible Bike-and-Wheel Tour of Holland

City of Amsterdam Tour

We stopped for lunch at the charming De Oude tavern in the village, then continue inland along the polders back to Amsterdam.

Day 4 : Relax in Amsterdam

Discover Amsterdam’s treasures! This is your day to explore Amsterdam and its surroundings at your pace. Discover the boutiques of the popular Kalverstraat or the beautiful ‘nine streets’ of the Jordaan neighbourhood. Visit the floating flower market renowned for its immense variety of tulips. Tour the Anne Frank House. Learn about the history of Holland at the Maritime Museum or discover the trends in modern art at the Stedelijk Museum. A short drive away, you can visit The Hague, the royal and political capital of the Netherlands.

RedLightDistrict 300x188 - Accessible Bike-and-Wheel Tour of Holland

Amsterdam, A guided walking tour through the famed Red Lights District

There are many more options and activities to select from. We are there to help you choose and organize your day.

Day 5 : De Rijp and the De Beemster region

Our second bike-and-wheel excursion! We leave Amsterdam for our next destination, the picturesque village of De Rijp, located in the De Beemster region. This is a region of beauty and history with many landmarks classified as World Heritage Sites.

After checking-in at the hotel in De Rijp, we bike-and-wheel on the flat easy path along green meadows and old windmills. We ride past the Droogmakerij De Beemster, a polder dating from the early 17th century and a perfect example of how land was reclaimed in The Netherlands. After stopping for lunch in Middenbeemster, we ride back to De Rijp along the waterways of the Beemster and its typical “stolp” pitched-roof farmhouses.

De Rijp is our home for the next two nights.

Day 6 : The Alkmaar cheese market and the windmills of Schermerhorn

A cheese market and our third bike-and-wheel excursion! After breakfast we shuttle with our vehicles to the picturesque town of Alkmaar to indulge in the quintessential ritual of the Dutch cheese culture: the cheese market. Admire the weighing process of fresh delicious cheese on the beautiful Waag square. Take the time taste some cheese or the many other delicacies offered around the square. We then tour the Old City in a company of a local guide.

Following lunch at a local restaurant in Alkmaar, we depart on the flat and easy path leading us to the beautiful windmills of Schermerhorn. Rolling leisurely along canals and fields of tulips, this is a gentle ride through iconic Holland at its best and most beautiful.

Day 7 : De Hoge Veluwe National Park

De Hoge Veluwe Park and our last bike-and-wheel excursion! After breakfast we leave De Rijp for our next destination, the charming village of Garderen near Utrecht. Just north of De Hoge Veluwe National Park, it is the start of our next and last bike-and-wheel excursion into the green heart of the Netherlands.

We ride on a flat and easy path through lush green forests of this beautiful national park. It offers a great mix of a culture, stunning views, wildlife activity and serenity. We arrive at the Kröller Müller museum where we lunch at the delightful Monsieur Jacques Restaurant. At your pace, you can then visit the museum and its renowned collection of Van Gogh paintings, relax in the beautiful statue garden or continue on a leisurely ride through the Park. In the afternoon, you have the option to continue biking-and-wheeling or to hop on our shuttle for the trip back to the hotel.
Amsterdam cruize canal1 300x132 - Accessible Bike-and-Wheel Tour of Holland
Garderen is our home for the next two nights.

Day 8 : Relax in Utrecht and Woerden

Discover Utrecht and Woerden! On our last full day together, take the time to relax and explore another two of Holland’s gems. The city of Utrecht is famous for its beautiful canals and the typical architecture of its surrounding houses. The city is also the birthplace of the de Stijl movement whose influence on modern art, design and architecture continues to this today. Compared to bustling Amsterdam, Utrecht offers a quieter version and, some say, the true cultural center of Holland. In the company of our local guide, we stroll along the canals of this sophisticated city.

After Utrecht, it’s time to head on to Woerden and its castle. We enjoy a delicious cheese tasting accompanied by matching wines at Kasteel Woerden by Reypenaer. We lunch nearby the castle and then relax or explore Woerden with a local guide

We end the day with a festive farewell dinner at Van Rossum Restaurant in Woerden. This is a culinary experience to remember.

Day 9 : Time to say goodbye

Time to say goodbye! After checking-out from the hotel, we are here to help you with the next leg of your trip. Depending on your plans, you may continue to visit the area, go back to Amsterdam, continue on to your next European destination or travel back to Schiphol Airport for departure. Whatever the case may be, we have a vehicle ready to take you back to Amsterdam or the airport.

Things to know

Arrival and departure

If you are flying to Holland, you will arrive independently at Schiphol Airport. We meet you there and take care of your accessible transfer to the hotel in the center of Amsterdam, about 20 minutes away. We recommend a morning arrival so you can enjoy the canal cruise in the afternoon and our first informal dinner in the evening.
At the end of the trip, you have the choice or returning to the airport for departure, stays in Amsterdam for a few more days or continue on to next destination. Whatever the case may be, we are here to assist you with transportation and any other arrangements.

Size of the group and support

We are keeping the group small so that we are able to give plenty of attention to each of our guests. Our groups travel with four dedicated guides (two trip leaders from the US and two local guides from Holland). In addition, we also provide local guides for specific activities such as walking tours in cities. On excursions, our accessible vehicle accompanies the group and provides hop-on/hop-off opportunities.

Bikes and other equipment

We have a vast choice of equipment and gear on-site to accommodate your needs and required level of comfort, including regular and electric bicycles, tandem side-by-side bikes, tricycles and hand-cranked bikes. Should you decide to stay in your manual wheelchair, we can also provide you with the Firefly and Drangonfly attachments. Mobility scooters are also available. And, naturally, you can also choose to stay in your own electric wheelchair.

Routes and pace

Our bike-and-wheel excursions are gentle and slow-paced, with the emphasis on the enjoyment of the scenery rather than clocking mileage. The routes are designed for easy to mild effort. Each excursion is carefully planned with multiple stops along the way and a lunch destination or other relaxed activity midway. Individual guests have always the option of shuttling in our vehicle to the meeting points or shuttling back to the hotel at the end of the day.

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