Become an Advocate for the Fairness of People with Disabilities with United Spinal


Have you joined United Spinal’s Advocacy Team?

You should if you’re an advocate who desires nothing more than a fair shake for people with disabilities.

Things like equitable treatment, employment ,accessible housing and transportation, benefits and health services, products and supplies, personal independence and a place in our society.

The United Spinal Advocacy Team wants exactly the same things as you. They have revived their “Rolling Advocacy” email, and as the name implies, it will be rolling at you about once each month.

Wrapped in the email you will find legislative updates and breaking public policy news, all fresh from their Advocacy Center, and of course, some action alerts to get your advocate juices flowing.

Speaking of juices flowing, here are two issues on which you can flex your advocate’s voice:

Protect Access to Essential Wheelchair Components

Let’s ensure that people with disabilities have access to individually-configured wheelchairs. For wheelchair users, getting the right wheelchair is the ultimate game changer.

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Do we have enough programs and services for people with disabilities?

A centralized data collection system within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) would go a long way in helping to identify needs.

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