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Health Young mother in a wheelchair making cupcakes with her children

Despair or Delight During the Holidays

There are many holidays throughout the year that involve family, cheer, goodwill, and celebrations. But for many people, these holidays can be a time of increased despair, loneliness, and pain. While the happy become happier, many of us in the mental health profession see the sad become sadder.

Health image of a disabled man sitting on a wheelchair and smiling at a country road

The Rollin RN Discusses Movember – a Tribute to MEN

In the past, my articles have routinely been for women, but today it’s for men, especially since it is No Shave November. The discussion for today looks at the world of men, their levels of injury, and sexuality following a spinal cord injury.

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Mom of Four Created a Chemical Free Home and Business She Could Believe In

As a paraplegic I am prone to a weaker immune system as well as other health complications that are common with my injury. In the fall of 2014 I was searching for an all natural way to help keep my family healthy and give me the energy and endurance to keep up with my growing family. At that time I was pregnant with my youngest son and my other boys were 10, 8, and 4. I was looking for a natural way to take care of my family and provide a lifestyle of wellness for all of us and create a chemical free home.

Health A cartoon boy sitting on a wheelchair with his hands on his head suffering from the onset-of-Dysreflexia

Reviewing A.D.… more time.

Today the Rollin RN is tackling AUTONOMIC DYSREFLEXIA and if you already know about it, then it’s time for a review! It’s one of those focuses that always should to be in the forefront of any spinal cords injury topics but I haven’t seen an article lately, so here is mine. When I taught nursing students, I preferred to train from experience and this article is no different.

Health A man on a wheelchair wearing a suit, with a women in black and white polka dotted dress, beside him.

Healthcare Reform is Critical for People with Disabilities: Wheelchairs are not “Luxuries”

Believe me, nothing about being in a wheelchair or needing a titanium frame is a luxury. Wheelchairs are expected to last from three to five years before insurance covers another. My wheelchair is part of me. It gets a lot of wear and tear and needs to be replaced more often than insurance allows. I could go on and on. I am not a complainer. I do, however, feel the need to inform decision-makers that it’s time to ask questions, do research, investigate issues that desperately need to be addressed in all aspects of healthcare, not just insurance, both locally and nationally.

Health Woman in wheelchair sits in dark room looking out door to outside courtyard


Moving into this new existence took time, plenty of patience, and LOTS of understanding, tears, anger, and sadness. Transitioning into a life of being differently- abled isn’t effortless; it takes time and labor to evolve in a comfortable pathway for all involved. But it does happen if, and only if, you allow it to.

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