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How to Train a Service Dog: Part One—Finding your Match!

I was contemplating making a move to a big city, but found myself feeling overwhelmed and unsafe due to the strangers who kept approaching me. As both a woman and a wheelchair user, I felt particularly vulnerable (“sitting duck’ was a term someone so generously offered) and I knew it was only a matter of time before someone saw an opportunity to use my situation to their advantage, or simply cause me to feel uncomfortable due to inappropriate social contact.

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Disabled Parenting Part One: My Life Deconstructed

I was planning on writing about my struggle with motherhood and health for a long time now. In my opinion, not only will this help me better cope with my problems, but at the same time I would help others going through a similar situation.

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Introducting: “C’ NOTES” Now in Beauty & Fashion

My first Beauty tip would be to “be daring, feel delicious and divine” Inspiration is everywhere, don’t be afraid to be bold. Most importantly…Don’t give up on yourself. Find your own beauty, your sense of style, and adapt them to make it your own.I believe that if you look good, feel good, you will do well in pursuing and conquering your dreams!

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