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Dating Kim is sitting on a Wheelchair and posing confidently

Into the Minds of Devotees & Admirers of Women with Disabilities

I think one thing I learned is there’s no straight answer to why people do this. Different people had different motivators, most of which were sexual. I guess more than anything I wanted to open the door into the mind of the devotee and admirer. Flip through the responses to step into the mind and come up with your own judgment.

Dating Gina shown sitting in wheelchair smiling while behind a gated circle made of gold in a out door mall

Gina is On a Roll: Success in Dating with a Disability

There will be people you like and people you don’t like. You’ll reject more people than you get rejected. It’s not a big deal. If it doesn’t work out, don’t stress it, it’s 2017 and there’s such a thing called Tinder where there are 50 million fish in the sea.

Health Ali shares her caregiving challenges 1 e1512908014959 1 351x185 - CAREGIVING for Quadriplegic – Living in Fear or Trust?

CAREGIVING for Quadriplegic – Living in Fear or Trust?

I was raised with a great philosophy from my dad where he said “Trust, but verify.” This pretty much holds true with everything in my life today. Sadly, there are so many caregivers out there who are just doing this for a job and don’t have that kind heart to help you live a happy life.

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