PUSHLiving Podcast 002 | Interview with Bill Forrester, Inclusive Travel Expert

Bill is a thought leader on Inclusive travel and shares a new perspective on how this important and economically viable market of travelers with a disability can best be served. Whether you are a person who loves to travel or a travel provider, you will not want to miss this insight. Bill was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. As a child, he was fortunate to travel to many parts of the world and to learn and appreciate cultures other than his own. That passion for learning and understanding has never left him. Bill spent most of his working life in the corporate field in both financial and operation roles. He specialized in corporate and cultural change. He left the corporate world and bought three retail travel agencies in Melbourne to pursue his love of travel. In 2007, after being approached by a Paralympic team to organize travel, he realized there was a need for a specialized agency, and he founded TravAbility.travel.



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