PUSHLiving Podcast 003 | Know and Insure your Rights with ADA Legal Expert Luis Androuin

ADA Legal Eagle gives us the inside view of how the Law works and how you can best insure your rights under the law. Also, discussed the new #DroptheHighTops campaign for more inclusive seating in restaurant and bars.

Lois has over 15 years of experience as an expert in the application of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the Federal Fair Housing Act, American National Standards Institute and related accessibility codes. In this capacity, Mr. Androuin has generated compliance assessment reports and providing proposed remediation together with cost analysis. Mr. Androuin has been directly involved as an expert consultant in over 250 ADA cases, split approximately 70%/30% between Plaintiffs and Defendants respectively. Mr. Androuin has also been retained as expert consultant to the Association for Disabled Americans Incorporated, Access for the Disabled, Inc., Alliance for ADA Compliance, Inc., and Coral Springs Advocacy Committee for the Disabled. Additionally, Mr. Androuin has collaborated with the U.S. Department of Education regarding reasonable accommodations for law school application and testing regimens for students who present with certain developmental and attention disabilities.

Mr. Androuin also retains over ten (10) years’ experience creating access at premises labeled Historic or otherwise registered as National Historic Landmarks. Additionally, Mr. Androuin has over ten (10) years’ experience regarding medical/hospital and independent living facilities’ accessibility matters by virtue of his expertise regarding ADA actions at various medical facilities in South Florida.

Further, Mr. Androuin has been retained by numerous law firms for his researching and writing abilities in a myriad of legal proceedings involving Federal civil proceedings, as well as State and Federal criminal proceedings.



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