PUSHLiving Podcast 006 | Reserved Parking Blues No More! : Parking Mobility

If you are tired of people parking illegally, and we KNOW YOU ARE! This empowering interview with Mack Marsh of ParkingMobility.com will give you all you need to know to learn how you can take into your hands, the solution: awareness, enforcement, and education. 15 Years of work has gone into this app that is available to download on the Parking Mobility webpage, iTunes or Google Play for Android. This enables you and your community volunteers to document and send the photos of violator whose vehicles are parked illegally.

Mack is a C-6 complete quadriplegic from a swimming pool dive, a graduate of New Orleans’s University with a degree in Business, a proud father of two boys 16 and 20, and currently divorced and living in Austin, TX (take note single ladies!)

You can reach Mach at 512-981-9628.



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