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Design & Access A women in a red dress sitting beside a wheelchair

Being Seen: The Long Road Toward Inclusion

When I started college at the University of Miami in 1985, Student Disability Services had never before accommodated someone in a wheelchair. There were no accessible rooms or campus facilities. The bathrooms barely fit my chair and I couldn’t close the door behind me. In fact, I had to roll from classes all the way back to my dorm room to use the bathroom.

Arts & Entertainment ines2 351x185 - Behind the Scenes at A "Disability Inclusive" Stock Image Photoshoot with PhotoAbility

Behind the Scenes at A “Disability Inclusive” Stock Image Photoshoot with PhotoAbility

“If we all stopped for 10 seconds and thought truthfully about ourselves, I think we would all come up with disabled aspects within our own lives. My hope for being a part of the shoot is to highlight the equality we all share, and to get beyond the outward disabilities some of us have more than others. We are all broken a bit, but if we all act as part of the “village”, we are helping to lift some up while others help to lift us up.”