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Inspiration young disabled gorgeous blonde woman in a power wheelchair enjoying a beach vacation

How I Vacation as a C6 Quadriplegic

Taking a vacation as an able-bodied person takes planning, but as a quadriplegic, well, it is way more complicated! I broke my neck in 2010 and had not taken a vacation in 7 years until this past month the 2017.

Dating image of a man and a disabled woman sitting on his lap looking happy

From Friendship to Love: A Courtship Grown out of the Love of Sports

Before the romance, there was a basis in friendship. “We were really good friends for two or three years before we starting dating and spent a lot of time together.” She was in a relationship at the time, and friendship was all there was until a visit home from college when her relationship ended. “One night we went to a Bronco event, that was the night we had our first kiss.  Then slowly it came together.”