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Health A man on a wheelchair wearing a suit, with a women in black and white polka dotted dress, beside him.

Healthcare Reform is Critical for People with Disabilities: Wheelchairs are not “Luxuries”

Believe me, nothing about being in a wheelchair or needing a titanium frame is a luxury. Wheelchairs are expected to last from three to five years before insurance covers another. My wheelchair is part of me. It gets a lot of wear and tear and needs to be replaced more often than insurance allows. I could go on and on. I am not a complainer. I do, however, feel the need to inform decision-makers that it’s time to ask questions, do research, investigate issues that desperately need to be addressed in all aspects of healthcare, not just insurance, both locally and nationally.

Arts & Entertainment ines2 351x185 - Behind the Scenes at A "Disability Inclusive" Stock Image Photoshoot with PhotoAbility

Behind the Scenes at A “Disability Inclusive” Stock Image Photoshoot with PhotoAbility

“If we all stopped for 10 seconds and thought truthfully about ourselves, I think we would all come up with disabled aspects within our own lives. My hope for being a part of the shoot is to highlight the equality we all share, and to get beyond the outward disabilities some of us have more than others. We are all broken a bit, but if we all act as part of the “village”, we are helping to lift some up while others help to lift us up.”