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Dating Kim is sitting on a Wheelchair and posing confidently

Into the Minds of Devotees & Admirers of Women with Disabilities

I think one thing I learned is there’s no straight answer to why people do this. Different people had different motivators, most of which were sexual. I guess more than anything I wanted to open the door into the mind of the devotee and admirer. Flip through the responses to step into the mind and come up with your own judgment.

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Introducting: “C’ NOTES” Now in Beauty & Fashion

My first Beauty tip would be to “be daring, feel delicious and divine” Inspiration is everywhere, don’t be afraid to be bold. Most importantly…Don’t give up on yourself. Find your own beauty, your sense of style, and adapt them to make it your own.I believe that if you look good, feel good, you will do well in pursuing and conquering your dreams!

Health shadowed drawing of a woman with a spinal cord and it's labeling

Save your Spine! Two Woman Facing Surgery due to Damage post SCI

Please heed our warning and learn from our shared experience and monitor and do not create undue strain and disk degeneration or herniation on your cervical or lumbar spine. Take the best care of the body you have been given post injury and preserve your quality of life for as long as possible.

Inspiration beautyinthebroken e1440829109351 - Acceptance of Loss, Illness and Disability: Broken but Stronger

Acceptance of Loss, Illness and Disability: Broken but Stronger

It is about perspective; learning to see the beauty “in the broken places”. Seeing the “scars as works of art” makes every individual uniquely special and worthy of admiration, interest, and respect.

Living in a “different” body or having what many would refer to as a “disability” does not have to limit life’s abundance, joy and meaning. It can enrich and expand it to a new dimension of understanding, depth and experience that you may not have known previously.

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