The ABC’s of beauty…and let’s not forget Vitamins D and E


Ahhh…the vitamins of beauty: A, B, C, D, and E.  I love each and every one of you.  I decided to take the clinical nursing day off and today I’ll be discussing staying FIT AND FABULOUS from the vitamins we consume in our daily diets. I, like, many of my wheelchair-using sisters, prefer to look radiant. I would rather demonstrate to the world I can be luminous even from a wheelchair.  The delivery of healthy vitamins to my body is one way to stay dazzling and bright, to provide the joyful glow from the inside to flow outward, so to say.

One aspect of my nursing knowledge I learned from Dr. Riddle (real professor in my life) from Nursing 101 in nursing school many years ago, was to present your assessment in some order, whether it be from head to toe, or in this case from A to E.  Let’s start with Vitamin A, or as I like to refer to it, “Vitamin Aphrodite,” the goddess of beauty, and the benefits this healthy little goddess provides.  I refer to Vitamin A as the “Vitamin Aphrodite” because it delivers massive beauty benefits. In fact, seven benefits to be exact: healthy immune system, healthy eyes, bones and teeth, prevention of urinary stones and cancer, provides skin moisture, and ensures a healthy reproductive system.

Let’s break down each of these benefits, starting with a healthy immune system.  Vitamin A assists the body in fighting infections and facilitates by strengthening entry points of potential germs, such as mucus membranes, eyes, respiratory tracts, and intestinal tracts.  Big, beautiful eyes are benefited by Vitamin A by improving night vision.  It also is believed to aid the eyes as we age.  Replacement of worn out or old tissue with new tissue, benefits the bones and teeth by consuming Vitamin A.  Reduction or prevention of urinary stones is aided by Vitamin A. This is a biggie to the spinal cord injury population due to the fact that most of us would not experience the pain from a renal or a urinary stone but the pain would set off the “AD spiral.”  Vitamin A produces a mineral compound within the body called calcium phosphate that prevents the formation of these solid particles.  Let me repeat: prevents the formation of these tiny particles that produces urinary stones. That’s enough reason for me to supply Vitamin A to my body.  The benefits of Vitamin A and the prevention of cancer is another article.  Let’s just say Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant.  The antioxidant properties of vitamin A assist the skin by combating free radicals that can damage the skin through oxidative stress. By maintaining proper moisture retention, the skin is not only protected from common dryness, but also psoriasis (a skin disease marked by red, itchy, or scaly patches), acne, and even wrinkling.  Last but not least, Vitamin A is known to be essential for the reproductive process for both males and females.

Ahh…thus the beauty of Vitamin A or “Vitamin Aphrodite” as I originally termed it.  Vitamin A has colossal advantages to splendor.   But where do you find this majestic vitamin?  Vitamin A is found in most fruits and vegetables and is especially abundant in foods such as apricots, broccoli, cantaloupe, carrots, kale, liver, mangos, red peppers, spinach, and sweet potatoes.  Vitamin A can also be found in milks and cheeses.   Remember when your mother said, “Eat your vegetables?” We should have listened…she knew what she was talking about.

vita1 - The ABC’s of beauty...and let’s not forget Vitamins D and E

Remember what your mother said “Eat your vegetables”

Because “Vitamin Aphrodite” has so many wholesome benefits, we will discuss all of the other mega vitamins later. Let’s absorb Vitamin A for a while and then we will move on to the other rewards of the other mega-vitamins in future articles.

Even if you can’t consume all of the vitamins on a daily basis, it’s not the end of the world.  Just take a multivitamin to cover it.  I know, I know…I can hear someone saying, they upset my stomach.  I hear you and this is my thought…take one at bedtime; let it perform while you are sleeping.  I do this and then in the morning I awaken to begin rolling through my amazing day.  Start consuming those fruits and vegetables and let’s all wheel down the road to becoming healthy, FIT, FABULOUS, and oh, so beautiful.


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The benefits of Vitamin A.  Obtained July 22, 2014 from

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The Rollin RN, Patty Kunze, RNC, BSN

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