Affordable, Fun and Wheelchair Accessible Cities for Singles!


Pack your bags and get ready to mail ‘change of address’ postcards after reading this list of the seven hottest cities for single wheelchair users!  We’ve researched cities that are affordable and offer a wide range of cultural and recreational opportunities for all–especially for those searching for the one who makes their heart beat faster!  

  • Memphis, Tennessee

Do you yearn for a slower pace of life along the Mississippi River set to the tune of Elvis Presley, B.B. King and Johnny Cash?  Head to Memphis, Tennessee where singles enjoy the live music and rib-sticking soul food along lively Beale Street.  

Among big cities, Memphis boasts a surprisingly low cost of living.  Drumroll please…in Memphis, you will not have to pay state, city or county income taxes!  In addition, Memphis is notorious for having low housing costs and cheap fuel.  Thus, you’ll find Memphis a hot spot for recently relocated Millennials looking for entertainment and avoiding the high costs of the east and west coasts.  Average rent is a score–running between $850-$900 per month.  

The 1.3 million people living in Memphis benefit from attention to continued attention to ADA accessibility, including recent upgrades to their MATA accessibility transportation system.   Accessibility is being recognized more prevalently in all areas of life in Memphis.  In 2015, the Beale Street Music Festival offered an ADA map and other handy accessibility information to ensure that all festival goers enjoyed to the max. For more information on access for all, check out the Tennessee Disability Coalition.  

Here is a review of some famous Attraction from WheelsTraveler.blogspot

Advocate in Memphis makes downtown mor accessible 600x399 - Affordable, Fun and Wheelchair Accessible Cities for Singles!

Kim Tutt, an Advocate in Memphis worked to make downtown more accessible

    2)   Laredo, Texas

In addition to some of the world’s best BBQ, Laredo, Texas offers residents a variety of entertainment and recreation options at affordable costs.  Each late January, Laredo hosts ‘Jamboozie’–a festival similar to New Orleans’ Mardi Gras, but you’ll find cowboy hats amongst the beads, masks and flamboyant attire at Jamboozie.   In addition, Laredo offers many family and adult entertainment options, including sports venues, top-notch dining and bars and clubs.  The sporty types will enjoy spending weekends at Lake Casa Blanca International State Park which offers 1,680 acres of artificial lake perfect for camping, swimming, boating and BBQing.  

Rent is lower than many cities in the country and an average monthly rent will run you around $600 per month.  There are many wheelchair accessible parks and nature reserves in Laredo, and you can find a list here.  In addition, you can find all the information you need to safely transport yourself around Laredo from El Metro Transit, which offers personal care attendants free-of-charge.  

3)  Athens, Georgia

The rolling hills and Victorian-era architecture make Athens, GA the ideal city to fall in love with one of the city’s many singles.  With a rich cultural scene, Athens offers unique shops, dance clubs, an impressive music history and many gyms and fitness centers.  Athens is especially attractive for those between the ages of 21 to 35 years old, as the majority of the population consists of college students and young professionals.  A wide variety of social clubs and active online dating scene allows residents to both meet new friends and lovers the old-fashioned way or through digital channels.  

The even better news is that the cost of living in Athens in significantly lower than in the rest of the country.  An average 1-bedroom apartment in the center of the city will cost you an average of $678.00 per month.  

For those who enjoy the outdoors,  check out the guide to wheelchair accessible trails guide, which offers nearly 40 ways to explore Georgia’s natural splendors.  

Athens Ga downtown 300x170 - Affordable, Fun and Wheelchair Accessible Cities for Singles!

street view of people sitting in outside cafes in Athens, GA

4)  Las Vegas, Nevada

Despite the fact that Las Vegas is primarily known for long weekends of gambling and debauchery, you’ll be happily surprised to know that this desert city ranks high amongst cities boasting low cost of living and best wheelchair accessibility.  It’s no longer just about tourism, in recent years Vegas has become an emerging hub for both technology and financial industries.  If you can handle the heat, there’s no lack of recreation and entertainment in the ‘City of Sin’.  

Las Vevgas is Hot for Singles in Wheelchairs 233x300 - Affordable, Fun and Wheelchair Accessible Cities for Singles!

Las Vegas is Hot for Singles in Wheelchairs

Post the 2008 housing crash, rental, and home costs have finally started to rise, but the median rent is still reasonable–about $1,100 per month these days.  Many consider this a small price to pay for a downtown center is nearly 100% wheelchair accessible.  In fact, the city of Las Vegas even offers a wheelchair accessibility guide.  You can expect accessible entertainment venues, buffets, even a zipline and the ‘High Roller’–the world’s tallest observation wheel.  

5)  Denver, Colorado

While Denver, Colorado may get most of iitsattention from the legalization of marijuana, it boasts a great deal more for residents of this mountainous city, especially for the singles.  Denver is nearly a perfect match for singles, as per every 97.5 singles men, 100 single women are ready to mingle.  In addition, Denver is LGBT-friendly and known for it’s open-minded and open-hearted communities.  

Although Denver has been climbing the popularity ranks amongst millennials for years, it’s still somewhat affordable, an average rent will run you about $1,498 in an average part of town.  For those living in wheelchairs Denver offers many conveniences, including a fully accessible metro transportation system. In addition, personal assistance programs are available and the area offers many medical facilities and specialists.

Adaptive Adventures in Lakewood CO 300x213 - Affordable, Fun and Wheelchair Accessible Cities for Singles!

Matt Feeny with Adaptive Adventures near Denver, Colorado

6) Austin, Texas

Do you enjoying ‘keeping it weird’ by patronizing unique, local businesses?  Well then, the hot spot of Austin, Texas might be a great match for you.  Austin is known for many attractive features including a strict non-smoking ordinance, super safe streets, and lots of singles ready to mingle.  In fact, according to Forbes, Austin was the fifth most single-friendly US city in 2015, boasting 102.6 unmarried men to 100 unmarried women.  Even though the Austin’s popularity is rising, you can still live well for a decent price. As of 2015, an average apartment will run you around $1,326 per month in a typical part of the city.

The city streets in Austin are easy to navigate on wheels and the locals have been busy putting together lots of helpful resources for things like the most wheelchair accessible good eats and best places for wheelchair-friendly date nights.  Start searching for a new home now on the Accessible Housing Austin webpage!

7)  Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale, Arizona was recently named one of the ‘hippest’ places in the country for offering a variety of high-end nightclubs, restaurants, lounges and bars.  In addition, residents and tourists in Scottsdale enjoy the relaxation and beauty perks of having the highest number of spas per capita in the US.  Scottsdale is a fantastic place to work on your golf game and feel free to check out the National Alliance for Accessible Golf for some tips on how to get involved in this popular sport.  

While costs are rising in Scottsdale as the city becomes more popular with young and old, it ranks number one overall in the 2015 Case for Inclusion report in accessibility and promoting productivity for people with disabilities.  Rent will run you around $1,114 per month, but some would argue that the high quality of life and health care rankings are worth the extra bucks.

Still not sure where to move?  For the number crunchers, try this handy dandy cost-of-living calculator that provides you a realistic look at the cost of starting a new life in a new city.  




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