PUSHLiving Charitable Fund

PUSHliving believes the WORLD being accessible to all means also giving back from the heart to those who are still seeking freedom; the freedom of increased access, the freedom to live with dignity and purpose, and the freedom to help improve the potential of others in their communities.  We want to share our success and our work with those projects and individuals who we feel we can assist to give a PUSH in the direction of a better, more inclusive LIFE. Therefore, in future 10% of PUSHliving net profits will be donated to causes and individuals that we have chosen for this purpose.  Please let us know of any suggestions, or nominations you have for these funds or to be added to our List:   Thank you.

Here is an inaugural  list of organizations that we have supported or have nominated as potential recipients.  Please take a moment to learn more about these deserving organizations and also consider sharing, volunteering or giving your support.

Wheels of Progress http://www.wheelsofprogress.org/home.html

BackBones http://backbonesonline.com

Walk @ Roll Foundation http://walkandrollfoundation.org

Oriana Project  http://www.bmycharity.com/orianaproject

Access Northern California http://www.accessnca.org

Help Guide http://helpguide.org


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