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CAREGIVING for Quadriplegic – Living in Fear or Trust?

I was raised with a great philosophy from my dad where he said “Trust, but verify.” This pretty much holds true with everything in my life today. Sadly, there are so many caregivers out there who are just doing this for a job and don’t have that kind heart to help you live a happy life.

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Danger: How Negativity About Disability Can Create Chronic Inflammation

The list of techniques to change your outlook from a negative to a positive one are endless, but if you are unaware that you are caught in a negativity trap it can be hard to change your behavior. This can then lead to chronic inflammation, which with spinal cord injury we deal with more than most, and keep you sick or get you sick.

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Spinal Cord Injury Sexuality: How I (Unexpectedly) Fell in Love

I called to break up with him and he would not let me. He couldn’t understand why on earth a surgery would deter him from dating me. I thought he was an alien … I couldn’t understand why he would want to hang around with someone in my situation. He told me he wanted to get to know me the old-fashioned way by talking. I literally could not believe my ears … Did they even make men like that anymore? Was he from another planet? Maybe he was on drugs? I simply couldn’t figure it out. I had always been with the wrong kind of guy my entire life, so clearly I was not accustomed to a gentleman.

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How I Vacation as a C6 Quadriplegic

Taking a vacation as an able-bodied person takes planning, but as a quadriplegic, well, it is way more complicated! I broke my neck in 2010 and had not taken a vacation in 7 years until this past month the 2017.

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My Lifelong Science Experiment

I am often asked when did I get to where I am with respect to acceptance of the accident or how do I constantly manage to make light of challenging situations with dark humor even when things are constantly thrown my way as anyone who is disabled can relate to?

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