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C’NOTES Valentines DAY Mood Board

Valentine’s Day is about love, No matter how long you’ve been together, you don’t have to go all out and splurge on expensive, materialistic presents. Sometimes the best and most appreciated gifts are cheap or even free, Here Explore CYNTHIA RAMIREZ ‘s “Valentines Mood Board” on Pushliving!

Health caregiver for disabled person

How to Hire and Keep Caregivers

Choosing the right caregiver is just as important as maintaining a healthy relationship with one. When hiring I make sure they have transportation and they do not live far. Next, I prefer fit women in their 20’s with no children. The personality is more important than their experience, and in fact, I prefer them to have next to no experience.

Inspiration Fashion Designer with a Disability

Interview: Fashion Designer on Wheels Alters Disability Ego

My struggle has been getting the word out and not having more clothing options. I think the market is there it’s just getting people to try something they aren’t used to. With being a small business I don’t order 100,000 pairs of jeans at a time so they are more expensive but getting people to see the necessity and quality of them.

Concierge Travel Welcoming dissability person

PUSHLiving Travel – Florida Travel Company Specializing in Wheelchair Access to the World…Goes to Portugal!

So if you are a family that wants to include a loved one who is mobility impaired, a group of friends, or a single, there will be up to 12 openings with wheelchair accessible rooms (six), transport to and from the airport in Lisbon and to all fully accessible activities. All durable medical equipment like shower chairs and benches to ramps and lifts will be provided per the specified needs of the traveler.

Health Conscious Living

Conscious Living: Natural Health Products and Supplies

As a consumer and a wheeler, knowledge is power. When you have the facts, you can make informed decisions about which medical supplies and health products you want to use. Here’s the rundown on new ways to think about laxatives, feminine hygiene products, ointments, respiratory care, and catheters.

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