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My Disabled Body Isn’t What Society Would Call “Beautiful”

There have been times where we are watching a movie or tv show, and he’ll mention how he finds an actress attractive. To be fair, we discuss our celebrity crushes often so it’s not an odd occurrence. However, sometimes I get really down on myself about it. Not because I feel like he loves me any less, but because I feel inadequate when I compare myself to other women. My body isn’t what society would call “beautiful”.

My husband does a wonderful job of making ME feel beautiful, though. He tells me outfits that look good on me, he says I don’t need makeup to look beautiful, and has never once been ashamed of me or embarrassed to show a little PDA. His efforts help me feel less insecure.

Inspiration Kat Magnoli giving speech against bullying wearing ms. wheelchair crown and sash

Ms. Wheelchair Florida Writes Children’s Book to End Bullying

Then one day I was in the cafetorium (a cafeteria that turns into an auditorium during school assemblies) when I realized I had nowhere to sit at lunch. Instead of reacting, I placed my food tray on my lap and began eating. Before I knew it, one of the girls who had spread the rumor stood up and bumped into my tray, spilling chocolate milk all over my new outfit. I cried hysterically, not knowing what to do next.

Dating Young woman sitting in a wheelchair looking sad

My #MeToo Moment: How I Became Vulnerable as a Disabled Woman

The #MeToo movement was created for courageous woman to step forward and tell their stories against Sexual Predator and powerful men falling like dominoes. Against today’s backdrop of courageous women stepping forward to tell their stories and powerful men falling like dominoes, it’s important to acknowledge that disabled women can be emotionally and physically vulnerable to sexual assault and abuse.

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