About PushLiving – Wheelchair Accessible Living and Travel Magazine

PUSHLiving is a lifestyle brand and magazine dedicated to telling the stories of mobility-impaired people. We inspire wheelchair users to embrace life without limits and advocating for full access in accommodations, employment, healthcare, and more.

Founder and CEO Deborah Davis can provide insights about a variety of issues impacting wheelchair users, including travel, health, design and access, and law and advocacy.

Davis, who was in a car accident at 18 that caused C6 and C7 spinal cord injuries that resulted in quadriplegia, is committed to creating opportunities for people with mobility disabilities to travel worry-free. “Traveling while in a wheelchair requires a tremendous amount of logistical planning, and unforeseen barriers can easily ruin a trip,” she said. “By leveraging our knowledge of accessibility needs, we can vet tour operators, arrange for appropriate lodging and transportation, and deliver necessary equipment that enables wheelchair travelers to explore the world with ease and confidence.”

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