Can You Relate to These 24 Things All Wheelchair Users Should Know?


Monica inthe Mirror - Can You Relate to These 24 Things All Wheelchair Users Should Know?When you live life on wheels, you learn lots of tips and tricks to make things work for you. Pushing your chair around all day? Better wear gloves or have a good moisturizer. Need a place to hold that water bottle? Just throw it into your purse or backpack behind you. No coat rack available? No problem, just drape it over the back of your seat.

BuzzFeed contributor Louise Bruton has some hilarious and totally accurate insights to share about what you should know if you use a wheelchair. It seems like these aren’t so much things you should know as they are things you’ll simply come to know as a wheelchair user.

In 24 Things All Girls In Wheelchairs Should Know, she reminds us:

“Staying fit is easier than you think…You just have to think outside the box.”

So true, Louise! You can definitely Sit and Be Fit. She also points out that it’s important to:

“Remember to pack a mirror.”

Yes to this! Just because a mirror in a public restroom may be too high for us to see ourselves, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be able to check ourselves out if we want. And of course, wheelchair users can:

“Redefine what sexy means.”

Disability doesn’t take away from true beauty, that’s for sure. But even when you look and feel fabulous, people can make comments about your wheelchair that might bring you down. To that, I say, let it roll…off your shoulders. Like Louise points out, you’re not just “pretty for a girl in a wheelchair” and it’s not amazing that you’re “out and about.” You’re just living your life and being awesome, and that’s exactly how it should be.

-Emily Ladau, News Editor

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Featuring Monica Quimby, Ms. Wheelchair Maine 2011



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