How You Can Help to Fight the Proposed Cuts to Wheelchairs!


Last year Medicare published a rule (CMS Rule 1614-F) that will place cuts on complex rehab accessories and seating. and other advocacy groups throughout the country are sharing this information on social media as a way to get the word out.

Please visit  and take action by writing your representatives by clicking the “Take Action” button.

The White House Petition that was initiated failed to meet the required 100000 signatures, reaching only 28,000 who signed the petition by Oct 25th cut off date.  We need you to share and spread the news of this new effort. If you use a wheelchair now or have friends or family that do, or just to help your fellow man to achieve the greatest health and independence possible, please read this and share the link.

“Pressure sores care can cost anywhere from $20,900 to $151,700 and a decent pressure relieving cushion usually costs around $500. Does it make sense for insurance to cover the cost?” United Spinal

Jen Wolff, of United Spinal states “On a regular day, you may see me rolling out of my minivan & into the clinic I work at. My wheelchair moves much faster & with greater ease than most chairs you see in the hospital. The ability to work & participate in my community is easier with the ergonomic frame, the cushion that helps prevent pressure sores & the back that supports my upper body. Yes, the equipment is expensive, but so is surgery(for pressure sores), rehab for shoulder/arm injuries, or decreased work hours from pain and/or depression. My wheels are my legs. Help me and many others keep our mobility and our abilities to participate in life”.

Here is Ms. Wheelchair USA 2012 Tasha Schuh’s personal appeal that makes it very clear how important it is we all stick together on this and other issues affecting our community.

I  know many of you have already signed the petition, but please encourage everyone you know, including your social media networks to take action now.  If you want to share a link on Facebook, please join the United Spinal Association Advocacy Alliance page if you haven’t already and there are several posts with links and messages there!



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