How You Can Support People with Disabilities Affected by the Nepal Earthquake


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In the wake of the earthquake in Nepal, people with disabilities who were victims of the disaster cannot be forgotten. We must also remember that many people affected may now be newly disabled due to injuries. The transition and adjustment period for people with injuries is always a critical time. The international community is needed at this time to assist in the devastating aftermath of this natural disaster.

According to the United Nations Enable:

“As in other parts of the world, when the disaster like this occurs, people with disabilities are likely to be affected most due to not having accessible place to be rescued and due to not having proper support system in place for the rescue operation. Though international community has already started offering emergency support, it is equally important that we involve toward disability-inclusive disaster risk reduction program as well as to further expand financial and technical support for the rehabilitation of newly disabled people.”

You can learn more about what’s currently happening within the international disability community as they reach out to assist the people of Nepal by visiting the U.N. coverage of the Disability response and situation of persons with disabilities.

To donate specifically to a disability-related charity, please see this link to Handicap International’s efforts:

-Emily Ladau, News Editor

Photo credit: United Nations Development Programme / Source / CC BY-NC-ND



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