PUSHLiving Podcast 008 | Paralympian Tricia Downing “Redefining Able: Win your human race”


Tricia Downing is a woman who is driven, classy, accomplished and looking to demonstrate the concept of “mental toughness” to help others achieve great things.

Not only a Paralympian Athlete she is a Speaker, Author(“Cycle of Hope”) and a creator of many worthwhile projects.

Her projects include:

She’s Got Grit TV – unique online show consists of three-minute episodes about female athletes with disabilities who compete at the highest levels

Camp Discovery– a two and half day camp for woman who are full-time wheelchair users.

Tricia was injured on September 17, 2000, when a car hit her while she was cycling. Until then she had been in rigorous training looking to compete in cycling events and had recently done 18 events in 22 days across the country as competitive road and track cyclist.

Tricia shares her personal story, and you will learn

  • What has been the draw for her before her accident and now to sports and athletics?
  • Her best advice to stay healthy and injury free?
  • From an athletes’ perspective, how does one train your mind to be strong and persevere?
  • What is some advice for our readers on how to gain the discipline she has mastered in sports and life?
  • What she attributes her success to? Upbringing? What Drives her?
  • Other than her accident, what other areas has she needed this mental toughness to overcome challenges and triumph? Or simply to get through difficult life events?
  • What are some of the challenges she hears from others that we need to address as a community of people with disabilities? What are the biggest issue facing us and Where can we help each other?
  • Has she experienced discrimination as a woman in relationships and business because of her disability and what she feels we can do to overcome that for ourselves and others?
  • What are some of her other passions?
  • Camp Discovery: When was it founded and how do participants get selected to attend?

You can learn more:
+1 (303) 358-2768



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