PUSHLiving Podcast 014 | The Accessible Icon Project

The Universal Wheelchair symbol is a pretty standard drawing of a white stick figure seated in a chair with blue background. Not a lot of excitement but has got the job done. Universally.

accessible icon - PUSHLiving Podcast 014 | The Accessible Icon ProjectBut we are all about PUSHing Boundaries here at PUSHLiving.com so when we received a call from hector Del Valle, The Southeast Coordinator for Accessible Icon Project, we were intrigued.

“The Accessible Icon Project is an ongoing work of design activism. It starts with a graphic icon, free for use in the public domain, and continues its work as a collaboration among people with disabilities and their allies toward a more accessible world.”

accessible icon 2 - PUSHLiving Podcast 014 | The Accessible Icon Project

Accessible Icon Project symbol of wheelchair figure in motion.

Hector is afellow wheelchair user (C 5-7 Quadriplegic) from an auto accident in at 17 years old due to a drunk driving accident.
He went on to become a speaker and married and divorced twice, while continuing to pursue his passion to help others.Hector received his Master’s in Social work from University of Central Florida ad is now living in central Florida.While there is much buzz created by this project, Hector discusses how this symbol is creating change throughout the country.

Hector explains the significance of symbolism, how you can be an advocate for this movement of changing perceptions, as well as a fascinating view into his personal struggles and triumphs and his future goals.

The Accessible Icon Team
Sara Hendren, Brian Glenney, Tim Ferguson-Sauder, Jeff Gentry, Leah Serao, Jeff Lafata, Brendon Hildreth, Cyndi McMahon, Kim Izar, Keith Jones, Crystal Evans-Pradhan, Finn Bullers, Hector del Valle, Travis Talbot, Tim Lindgren, William Lu, Annabel Consilvio, Aaron Greiner, Triangle, Inc., the home of EPIC.

Show Notes/Links

Sexuality Reborn: Kessler Video

Email : MSWHectordelvalle@gmail.com




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