PUSHLiving Presents “Just For You” Song Written and Performed by Stephen Feldman


Exclusive to PUSHLiving.com  

We are thrilled to present this sweet and entertaining melody by our friend Stephen.

A Dedication to his wife Cory and son Jaron

“Channeling my inner Lennon-McCartney. . . “Just For You” is a little tune I wrote about 25 years ago but never preserved anywhere but in memory. I am resurrecting it here now in the hope that some people will get a kick out of it. The song was conceived as an antique, a pastiche in the style of the Beatles’ very first boy-wants-girl-wants-boys songs. With the lapse in time between writing it and recording it, and the style it tries to evoke, it is in its essence a 50+ year old song. Yeah, yeah, yeah!” Stephen Feldman

At Stephen’s request, if you enjoy this song, please consider donating to http://www.triumph-foundation.org/, a non-profit that helps people with spinal cord injuries. The organization recently lost their storage facility full of goods meant for new spinal cord injuries in a fire.



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