PUSHLiving Podcast 001 | Sam Morris Shares the Secret to A Zen Life on Wheels

PushLiving 001: Sam Morris
Sam Morris, a native of Maine, now residing in LA, and paraplegic since 1999 is a powerful first interview that set the tone for the type of depth, insight, and real talk that you can come to expect on PUSHLiving’s Podcast. Sam discusses sex, marriage, communication and building on achievements to get out of a rut. His deeply manifested training and coaching business zenwarriortraining.com is changing lives, and it begins here. Listen to Sam and Deborah discuss how this work can help to show how “each obstacle in their lives is another opportunity to grow stronger and more resilient as human beings, and thus contribute in more powerful ways to the betterment of themselves and the world.”

As mentioned in Podcast: to hear Sam’s recent interview on Sexuality and Spinal Cord The Sex Podcast



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